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    Everyone must Recruit!
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    Our Goal in the Crew is to help keep Club Penguin safe. We go around and protect the innocent, while having fun. We also will help the armies being attacked. By Joining, you will help us achieve out goal.
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Welcome to the Crew

If you are new, please note that the advertisement are hosted by WordPress.. not us.

If you already are a CPC soldier, then 

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First and foremost, welcome to the Club Penguin Crew Army. If you are absolutely new to Club Penguin Armies, then continue reading so you can learn more.

What is CPC?

Who are we you ask? It’s simple. We are the elite forces dedicated to protecting Club Penguin. We are the company that annihilate any who dares to take away your freedom. We are the Best. The Strongest. The Greatest.

We are the Crew Army.

What do we do?

Have you seen the massive green penguin forces on Club Penguin? That grand legion of troops were probably in battle, protecting you and your friends, from falling in the monstrous and evilness that some Club Penguin Armies portray. Were here to protect you.

What do we look like?

We are a organized group/force ready to protect and train new recruits. We have specific uniforms, to stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these pictures.



Why we need YOU

Club Penguin has undergo a period of uncertainty and destruction. From CP Armies constantly fighting, to the escape of Herbert, we need more fearless soldiers to help protect the relics of CP. We demand legions of enduring troopers to install peace for the civilians of CP. Without you, CPC may not be able to restore the justice and liberty that everyone rightfully deserves.

What do I do after I join?

You can go check out the rest of the website, like see what our uniform is, or your rank. After feeling you are ready, go to our chat, so you can talk to other troops. Our chat is


Once you go to the official Crew Chat, you will be asked some simple questions, and will be given your official Club Penguin Crew Army Logo/Icon to wear.

Are you up to the challenge? Are you the bold, fearless and tough soldier that CP needs? If so, click here to join the Club Penguin Crew and help enforce equality, integrity, and liberty to all who seeks it.

Crew Events [UPDATED]


– CPC Staff

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  1. that is so not cool i will sew you one day

  2. you people are wrong this is a cp site not a bad word site

  3. can i lead this generation

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